'Sky ablaze' oil on canvas, 54x54cms fra
A Thousand Names for Joy !!,
paintings 2020
The Moment Between. Josie Gould.jpg
paintings and poetry 2019
Polzeath, sun and storm SOLD
A Thousand Names for Joy paintings 2019
Wonwell beach.jpeg
A Thousand Names for Joy,  paintings 2018
_Before the Light Goes_. Jane Ellis and
Life is a Journey
White Noise.jpg
IMG_631- do-Be-do.JPG

Collaborations: Paintings

2017 & 2019

Life is a Journey:
MA Fine Art 2012
White Noise.
BA (Hons) 2010


Business development using creative processes 2004

Moor Edge 2

Archive:  paintings

from 1997



voluntary group offering rites of passage for girls

and women using 

creativity and adventure. 1998

Tresillian House:
Photography 1996

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