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A Thousand Names for Joy, Dartmoor: paintings 2018
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Life is a Journey
Life is a Journey:
MA Fine Art 2012
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White Noise.
BA (Hons) 2010
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Business development using creative processes 2004

Moor Edge 2

Archive:  paintings

1997 on



voluntary group offering rites of passage for girls

and women using 

creativity and adventure. 1998

Tresillian House:
Photography 1996



Let us try what it is to be true to gravity

to grace, to the given, faithful to our own voices,

to lines making the map of our furrowed tongue. 

Turned towards the root of a single word, refusing 

solemnity and slogan, let us honour what hides 

and does not come easy to speech. The pebbles

we hold in our mouths help us to practise song,

and we sing to the sea. May the things of this world

be preserved to us, their beautiful secret

vocabularies. We are dreaming it over and new,

the language of our tribe, music we hear 

we can only acknowledge. May the naming powers


be granted. Our words are feathers that fly 

on our breath. Let them go in a holy direction. 

Jean Lohmann.

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