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To purchase paintings and to be added to my mailing list please send me a message on the contact page. Prices are plus p & p


I was a carer for 19 years until 2019 and painting is my way of re-connecting with the land, the light , the elements and myself.


I am painting contre-jour, a French term meaning 'against the light.' This is a particular challenge requiring a lot of glancing and squinting. Also, light and colours are distinctly changed by looking directly into the light. Colours tend to shift and blur with the light effectively turning objects into stained glass windows in which everything glimmers and glows. In the early morning and evening  as the light does it's magic it can feel like being in a hallowed place trimmed with a million precious jewels. 

Finalist in the Devon Life Landscape Artist of the Year 2018 competition.                                

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