Paintings by Josie Gould

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Collaborative paintings by Josie Gould & Jane Ellis

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Abstracting the Landscape Paintings Exhibition:           

Birdwood House Gallery,

48 High St,




1st - 7th August 2021              10am - 5pm daily                 or contact me to purchase.

‘For the last few years we have been experiencing Dartmoor and the coast in all seasons, painting collaboratively and independently en plein air. We love it. The colours, sounds, constant changes of light and discovery of new places contribute to evoking all the senses and create a vitality not found in the studio! It has been a rollercoaster experience of collaborative painting,  learning so much more than sharing a piece of paper. 

Jane and Josie were finalists in the last Devon Life’s ‘Landscape Artist of the Year’.


The temptation to simply reproduce what we see is so hard to resist. Diving deeper than the surface response both Jane and Josie use a holistic approach.


Jane Ellis strives for an emotional response, exploring, expanding and developing what makes her react so powerfully to a subject. Her bold and energetic abstractions express her feelings about her surroundings: the landscapes of Dartmoor and south Devon, and the vivid colours and seasonal changes in the plant nursery where she works.


    'My paintings are the essence of my response to place. I am an intuitive,  emotional and experimental artist and my painting

     journey becomes a conversation between myself and the unfolding artwork.'


Josie Gould, returning home after a career as a professional sailor, loves immersing herself in the sensory qualities of light and colour, to catch the fleeting pulse and poetics of the Moor, the coast and the seas, rivers and estuaries that connect them.


     ‘In meditation practise, on retreat, many years ago, I experienced total immersion into an all encompassing joy, a

      dissolution into the nature of being, which has remained with me. This quality of presence reveals a thousand names for

      the joy experienced in the landscape. I aim to evoke these numinous qualities, the spirit, vitality and zest of life, in my oil

      and mixed media paintings.’


    Comments on this work include: 

    “ Art typically comes through individual inspiration. The future of humanity lies in people learning to work together.

      If two artists are able to produce excellent/inspiring paintings collaboratively, that is really something to celebrate”. 

      Tobias Kaye, musician.

Jane Ellis at Devon Artist Network